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The DBIx::Log4perl module

DBIx::Log4perl release 0.20 - bugfix and new feature

I've just released v0.20 of DBIx::Log4perl. DBIx::Log4perl is a Perl extension for DBI to selectively log DBI methods, SQL, parameters, result-sets, transactions etc to a Log::Log4perl handle. This release fixes a problem where execute_array tuple status was reported at INFO level instead of DEBUG level and adds the DBIX_L4P_LOG_DELAYBINDPARAM constant which delays logging bind_param methods in DBI until the execute method is called.

New 0.19 release of DBIx::Log4perl

Recently I updated DBIx::Log4perl to handle DBI's clone method. This proved a little troublesome as clone is marked as "likely to change" and I'm not sure any other DBIx's have added clone. The problem I had was that clone does not call connect and all the code I had to add DBIX::Log4perl's attributes into the dbh was in connect.

New release (0.18) of DBIx::Log4perl

Yesterday I released DBIx::Log4perl 0.18 This principally add supports for DBI's clone method and fixes fetchrow_array ignoring calling context. It also adds a few speedups spotted using Devel::NYTProf, adds logging of connection attributes and fixes a few more minor issues.

Forking after DBI connection, clone and subclassing DBI

It all started when a daemon I am developing hit a job which took too long to run and so it ignored any connecting clients whilst running the job. A long term plan exists to sort this out but it is getting in the way of some test code so I decided to write a small workaround until I am ready to implement the full solution. The workaround seemed so simple I thought it would only take half an hour to do - how wrong I was.

DBIx::Log4perl rt 50134 'identifier quote wrong'

David Gasson reported identifier quote wrong in DBIx::Log4perl. Since he identified the problem, provided working examples and even highlighted the change to fix the problem I applied it and released 0.16 immediately.

New attribute to DBIx::Log4perl to filter error reporting

At Easysoft we have been using DBIx::Log4perl for some time to log DBI database access methods in a way that was useful to us. In fact, that is why I wrote DBIx::Log4perl in the first place.

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