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monitoring our machine room temperature with nagios, perl and arduino

A week ago one of our air conditioning systems blew up and took the others out with it. Temperatures quickly rose and before long nagios spotted a machine had gone down. Nothing really bad had happened at this point but when we could not get the air conditioning back online we had to temporarily turn off some non essential systems to keep the heat down. Could we have spotted this earlier?

Version 2 electricty meter power logging

I've had a little time to work on my electricity meter logger (See New data shield) over the bank holiday and have made some improvements to both the script and the power usage. The new schematic is:

New electricty meter schematic

New data shield

My mum and dad bought me an Arduino Data Shield for Christmas (from Proto-Pic) but due to the weather and the fact if was sourced from America it did not arrive until after Christmas (over 3 weeks actually). I was initially surprised at the size of the package when it finally arrived and then discovered it was a kit of parts and not an assembled item (not a problem but I didn't spot this on the web site where it was bought from although looking at it again it does make this clear):


I bought an Arduino Duemilanove in November 2010 and have been experimenting with it a little.
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