#dbi channel on IRC

I know that not everyone is in to IRC and I for one have only flirted with it over the years but for the last 6 months or so I've frequented the #dbi channel and there are a number of knowledgeable and helpful people on it but there is a low representation from DBD authors/maintainers. It is not a high bandwidth channel and it is easy to ignore the few discussions that you are not interested in or cannot contribute to. I've found it invaluable. Even today, I've managed to get really good suggestions for testing a major development release of DBD::ODBC (thanks Jens Rehsack AKA Sno) (something which I've struggled to get over the years). I'd like to encourage DBD developers and anyone maintaining DBI related modules to at least hang out there every now and again.


I failed to mention the IRC Server for #dbi

It is irc.perl.org - (magnet).