Humax Foxsat satellite receiver and Belkin F5D7330 Wireless Gateway

I have a Humax Foxsat HD Satellite Receiver I use in the UK.

I saw on channel 999 and at BBC Iplayer on Freesat that the BBC Iplayer is available on beta to humax users with a broadband connection. As a previous Virgin/NTL subscriber the one thing my wife and I miss is being able to watch the IPlayer on the television so this sounded great. The problem is my router is a good distance away from the television but I have a wireless router plugged into the back of a cisco plugged into the back of my NTL modem so wireless seemed just the trick.

Freesat seem to recommend homeplug adaptors (ethernet over house wiring) but a) my main router and modem are on a seperate circuit to the rest of the house and b) homeplugs seem to have got a lot more complex now than they used to be requiring matching up sender with receiver and a computer to register the IDs and c) I've used all the ethernet inputs to my cisco router.

As a result I thought all I need is to make my Humax Fresat receiver wireless and the Belkin F5D7330 (designed for xboxes etc) seemed just the trick as it would plug into the back of the Humax and provide wireless connection.

My wireless network is WPA2/PSK/AES for obvious reasons and after while with the Belkin and a laptop I had the Belkin working fine. However, unplug it from the laptop and plug it into the back of the Humax and although the ethernet light and power light came on the wireless light refused to come on. I could plug it into the laptop, get the wireless working and then plug it into the Humax, the wireless light on the Belkin will stay on but it still does not work (definition of working being the Humax menu settings for network show an IP address obtained and/or hitting the red button on bbc1 showed the IPlayer.

The Belkin supports DHCP and manual IP and so does the Humax (via the Humax Network menu). I've tried all combinations and it just does not work.

I've answered a posting on avforms at Humax Foxsat HDR and Belkin F5D7330 Wireless Gateway where someone else had the same problem and I am monitoring it but if anyone else has any ideas I'd love to hear them.


Success with Humax Foxsat-HD and Belkin F5D7330

After a couple more hours of fiddling with this I've got it working.

My setup is NTL/Virgin cable, a Cisco 800 series router, Netgear WG602 wireless router, now a Belkin F5D7330 and a Humax FOXSAT-HD. My Netgear uses WPA2-PSK/AES and I also put the mac addresses of my devices in its access control (this caused me a problem - see later). The Cisco provides DHCP and I'm using the private IP range 192.168.5 for my home network.

The first thing is I could not get the Belkin installation setup to work at all. I repeatedly got failed dialogues after selecting my SSID, selecting WPA/PSK/AES and clicking next. I gave up on that, changed my laptop to fixed IP address, disabled the laptop wireless, connected the Belkin to my laptop and used the Belkin web setup which is available on I also could not get the Belkin to use DHCP properly so I fixed its IP at, chose security mode WPA2 (AES) and AES encryption, Infrastructure mode and tapped in my password. Once set up I powered off the Belkin, changed my laptop back to use DHCP on the ethernet connection, powered the Belkin back up and my laptop would not connect - I'd forgotten access control in the Netgear so I disabled it to simplify matters and finally my laptop was part of my home network using the Belkin for wireless. Of course, here I had to make matters more complicated and added the Belkin MAC address to my access control in the Netgear and re-enabled access control - bad mistake.

Having done this I foolishly thought it would simply be a matter of plugging the Belkin in to my Humax and it would work - no. After a lot of fiddling around I completely powered off the Humax and Belkin, plugged them together, powered on the Belkin, waited 30s or so and powered on the Humax. It looked good as when the Humax started up I could see the lan light on the Belkin flash and finally the wireless light on the Belkin lit up showing it was wirelessly connected. However, pressing the red button on BBC1 just gave an error saying the service was currently unavailable. A quick check on my Netgear station list and the Belkin was not there and I finally discovered by disabling access control again you need to add the Humax MAC address as this is what shows up, not the Belkins MAC addres.

Now in the Humax network settings I selected DHCP and Apply and finally I could see a valid IP address, netmask, gateway but a strange DNS server ( !!). In fact if you sit watching the network screen the DNS server address keeps changing - no idea why.

Switching back to BBC1 and pressing the red button finally showed my BBC Iplayer Beta 7001 in the menu instead of that annoying item saying BBC Iplayer coming soon on 7001.

Just for completeness I should say my Humax FOXSAT-HD is running software version HPTSF 1.00.26 and the Belkin is running boot code v1.03.12.bk and firmware F5D7330_2.0.0.2 (I believe the latter is important if you want to use WPA2).

I cannot really recommend the Belkin:

  • I still cannot get it working with DHCP
  • quite often when using the web interface when it is wirelessly connected the page stops displaying and the wireless light goes out
  • mine came with little in the way of paper instructions all of which were foreign (not English) languages (although the CD contains a manual in English)
  • the power lead was the continental 2 pin type although I was sent an adaptor - the combined weight nearly pulls it out of the socket on the wall.
  • the instructions for firmware update are plain wrong since they point to a button in the interface which does not exist

As for Humax their web site is poor. There are around 30 FAQs for my model none of which address IPlayer use and the question on what the ethernet port is for still says it is reserved for future use! I could not even find what the latest version f the firmware was supposed to be and I'd still like to know what is going on with those changing and invalid DNS Server addresses.

I have a 20M connection to Virgin so I was looking forward to those high quality pictures on my 37" television. The menu system for Iplayer is ok allowing you to pick from the channel, category or search. It isn't super fast but about the same as the menu system over satellite. You can pause and resume. The standard picture quality is about what you might expect, ok I guess, a bit blurry but markedly worse than standard picture over satellite. The high quality is a lot better, about equivalent to standard satellite pictures although obviously not HD.

Hope this helps anyone else trying to get this to work.