DBD::ODBC 1.23_1 development release

I released a new development release of DBD::ODBC the other day. Here is an extract from the change log: makefile.PL changes: some formatting changes to output warn if unixodbc headers are not found that the unixodbc-dev package is not installed use $arext instead of "a" pattern match for pulling libodbc.* changed warn if DBI_DSN etc not defined change odbc_config output for stderr to /dev/null missing / on /usr/local wheb finding find_dm_hdr_files() New FAQ entries from Oystein Torget for bind parameter bugs in SQL Server. rt_46597.rt - update on wrong table Copied dbivport.h from the latest DBI distribution into DBD::ODBC. Added if_you_are_taking_over_this_code.txt. Add latest Devel::PPPort ppport.h to DBD::ODBC and followed all recommendations for changes to dbdimp.c. Added change to Makefile.PL provided by Shawn Zong to make Windows/Cygwin work again. Minor change to Makefile.PL to output env vars to help in debugging peoples build failures. Added odbc_utf8_on attribute to dbh and sth handles to mark all strings coming from the database as utf8. This is for Aster (based on PostgreSQL) which returns all strings as UTF-8 encoded unicode. Thanks to Noel Burton-Krahn.