Changes in DBD::ODBC today

Noel Burton-Krahn posted a patch for UTF-8 encoded data in Aster (based on Postgres) today. This prompted me to complete a number of small changes I had in the fire and incorporate his changes. Added if_you_are_taking_over_this_code.txt Not that I'm thinking of retiring from DBD::ODBC maintenance but I have accumulated a number of pieces of advice. Add latest Devel::PPPort ppport.h to DBD::ODBC and followed all recommendations for changes to dbdimp.c. No progress on the problem of using a recent ppport.h but picking up the one distributed by DBI as dbipport.h. I've highlighted this in if_you_are_taking_over_this_code.txt and hope it will get resolved soon. Added change to Makefile.PL provided by Shawn Zong to make Windows/Cygwin work again. Incidentally, I've had a few requests on this since from people running Cygwin. If you use Cygwin and ODBC I'd really like to know why and what you hope to achieve. Minor change to Makefile.PL to output env vars to help in debugging peoples build failures. I've not checked in Noel's changes yet although they are applied as I'm waiting for him to confirm they are ok.