The DBD::ODBC module is a database driver which runs under the DBI module to provide Perl access to ODBC drivers. DBD::ODBC allows you to connect to any ODBC driver to query/update/delete/select from the database the ODBC driver supports.

I took over maintenance of DBD::ODBC from Jeff Urlwin in June 2007.

DBD::ODBC is available from CPAN.

DBD::ODBC is on ohloh here.

You can find some tutorials I've written on using DBD::ODBC in the
Perl section of the Easysoft web site specifically:

Some references to DBD::ODBC:

  1. DBD::ODBC on CPAN
  2. RT Bug Reports
  3. CPAN Testers Reports
  4. Kwalitee
  5. ohloh DBD::ODBC

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