DBD::ODBC 1.22_3 released

I uploaded DBD::ODBC 1.22_3 to CPAN yesterday. From the changes file: Fix skip count in rt_38977.t and typo in ok call. Workaround a bug in unixODBC 2.2.11 which can write off the end of thestring buffer passed to SQLColAttributes. Fix skip count in rt_null_nvarchar.t test for non SQL Server drivers. Fix test in 02simple.t which reported a fail if you have no ODBC datasources. In 99_yaml.t pick up the yaml spec version from the meta file insteadof specifying it. Change calls to SQLPrepare which passed in the string lenth of the SQL to use SQL_NTS because a) they are null terminated and more importantly b) unixODBC contains a bug in versions up to 2.2.16 which can overwrite the stack by 1 byte if the string length is specified and not built with iconv support and converting the SQL from ASCII to Unicode. Fixed bug in ping method reported by Lee Anne Lester where it dies if used after the connection is closed. A great deal of changes to Makefile.PL to improve the automatic detection and configuration for ODBC driver managers - especially on 64bit platforms. See rt47650 from Marten Lehmann which started it all off. Add changes from Chris Clark for detecting IngresCLI. Fix for rt 48304. If you are using a Microsoft SQL Server database and nvarchar(max) you could not insert values between 4001 and 8000 (inclusive) in size. A test was added to the existing rt_38977.t test. Thanks to Michael Thomas for spotting this. Added FAQ on UTF-8 encoding and IBM iSeries ODBC driver. Add support for not passing usernames and passwords in call to connect. Previously DBD::ODBC would set an unspecified username/password to '' in ODBC.pm before calling one of the login_xxx functions. This allows the driver to pull the username/password from elsewhere e.g., like the odbc.ini file.