New 1.33 release of Perl DBD::ODBC

I've just uploaded DBD::ODBC 1.33 to CPAN.

This release contains no new changes since the 1.32_5 development release but is the official release for all the 1.32 dev series. The complete changes can be found below. The main thrust has been Unicode improvements.

The most significant enhancements are:

  • unicode support for catalog/schema/table/column names in table_info and column_info
  • now using SQLGetTypeInfoW on unicode builds
  • new odbc_driver_complete attribute to allow interaction with ODBC dialogs on Windows.
    I'd really like to hear from anyone who uses this as I've had no feedback so far - just drop me an email if you have
  • and bug fixes:

    • remove a debugging printf - sorry, most embarrassing.

    I'm releasing this now because a) it is about time and b) I'm working on support for execute_for_fetch which will speed up any call to execute_array massively but it will be experimental in the next dev release.

    Thanks to all the people who have helped.

    =head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.33 December 1 2011

    This is simply the official release of the 1.32 development

    =head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.32_5 November 24 2011


    * Enable multiple active statement support in 70execute_array.t for
    drivers we recognise which support MAS.

    * Change column_info to support Unicode catalog/schema/table/column

    =head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.32_4 November 22 2011


    * remove debugging printf which output "HERE" in some rare cases.
    rt 72534 - thanks John Deighan for spotting this.

    * The test 70execute_array.t could fail due to warning being output
    if the driver does not support Multiple Active Statements.


    * Use SQLGetTypeInfoW on unicode builds.

    =head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.32_3 November 15 2011


    * Fix bug in utf16_copy which was not adding a trailing NUL but I'm
    not sure this affected anyone until I changed table_info this


    * DBD::ODBC now allows unicode catalog/schema/table parameters to be
    passed to table_info. Of course they will only reliably work with
    a supporting Unicode ODBC driver.

    =head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.32_2 October 22 2011


    * Added new odbc_driver_complete attribute allowing the ODBC Driver
    Manager and ODBC Driver to throw dialogues for incomplete
    connection strings or expired passwords etc.


    * added more examples


    * new FAQ entries

    * added note saying you cannot pass unicode schema/table/column
    names to metadata calls like table_info/column_info currently.

    =head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.32_1 June 24 2011


    * I omitted rt_68720.t from the 1.31 distribution which leads
    to a warning as it is mentioned in the MANIFEST.


    * Changed line endings in and README.unicode to be unix
    line endings and native eol-style in subversion.

    * Minor changes to Makefile.PL to save the opensuse guys patching.

    * Added and examples