New release (0.18) of DBIx::Log4perl

Yesterday I released DBIx::Log4perl 0.18 This principally add supports for DBI's clone method and fixes fetchrow_array ignoring calling context. It also adds a few speedups spotted using Devel::NYTProf, adds logging of connection attributes and fixes a few more minor issues.

DBD::ODBC 1.23_2 released

Today I released a new development version of DBD::ODBC (1.23_2).

Apologies to the few people waiting on changes but I've been snowed under with work on DBIx::Log4perl, DBI and DBD::Oracle but mostly my day job (which uses all of these modules and a alot more).

Forking after DBI connection, clone and subclassing DBI

It all started when a daemon I am developing hit a job which took too long to run and so it ignored any connecting clients whilst running the job. A long term plan exists to sort this out but it is getting in the way of some test code so I decided to write a small workaround until I am ready to implement the full solution. The workaround seemed so simple I thought it would only take half an hour to do - how wrong I was.

Tired of bugs in Microsoft's SQL Server native client ODBC Driver

Yet more time today spent tracking down another bug in Microsoft's SQL Server native client ODBC driver reported in RT for DBD::ODBC.

Caught by a 5 and half year old Perl bug

Perl can be a lot of fun and it can mean tearing your hair out; not that I'm suggesting other languages aren't the same. For the second time in a week I've been caught out by a nasty bug but after an hour or so of investigation imagine my surprise to see it appears to be a 5 and half year old Perl bug.

Spent way too long finding bug in Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch today

We moved our development platform to a new Ubuntu 9.10 machine yesterday. One of the things I like about Perl is being able to specify dependencies so in a single Makefile.PL for our application we list 50 or so modules and their versions. All we need to do to get our Ubuntu box loaded with the "right" Perl modules is untar our applications package and run "cpan ." and magically all our dependencies are sorted out and installed; this probably leads to hundreds of modules being installed. On the down side, cpan installs the latest and greatest (or not) or each module and here is where our problem with Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch started.

All this iron man blogging and yet a top 10 search result for perl is still a parked domain

A search for the simple string perl on google today resulted in most of the sites you'd expect to see. However, I notice that at least here in the UK, the 5th entry is What is

DBD::ODBC 1.23_1 development release

I released a new development release of DBD::ODBC the other day. Here is an extract from the change log:

Changes in DBD::ODBC today

Noel Burton-Krahn posted a patch for UTF-8 encoded data in Aster (based on Postgres) today. This prompted me to complete a number of small changes I had in the fire and incorporate his changes.

Some tidying up in DBD::ODBC

I've got a little behind in the work that has been gathering for DBD::ODBC lately so a few days ago I rt'ed a list of jobs in the hope that would stir me into action.
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