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benchmarking and profiling Perl and SQL

It is often said don't optimize too early. I try very hard to keep to that, and I do mean very hard. In the project I am working on now we have a basically working implementation (although some functionality is still to code, it is on the edges - this probably counts as too early - oh dear). We have a rather complicated setup which I don't have the time to go into here but at its simplest it is the age old client-server relationship and involves a lot of database (Oracle via DBD::Oracle) access. The client in this case is really a daemon process receiving work to process and either processing it or passing it on to another server to be queued and worked on later.

DBIx::Log4perl rt 50134 'identifier quote wrong'

David Gasson reported identifier quote wrong in DBIx::Log4perl. Since he identified the problem, provided working examples and even highlighted the change to fix the problem I applied it and released 0.16 immediately.

Invalid precision value (SQL-HY104) with DBD-ODBC 1.23

DBD::ODBC has a new rt from Bruce Tanner at Invalid precision value (SQL-HY104) with DBD-ODBC 1.23. Thanks Bruce, one of the few people who keep testing DBD::ODBC, I only wish there were more - see Help me.

DBD::ODBC 1.22_3 released

I uploaded DBD::ODBC 1.22_3 to CPAN yesterday.


New rt for DBD::ODBC at DBD::ODBC - [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]The incoming tabular data stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream is incorrect. The SQL Server native client driver has proved to be a bit buggy and this /may/ be another one - we'll have to wait and see. DBD::ODBC already has a number of workarounds for issues in the MS SQL Server ODBC Driver and Native Client Driver.

Ingres comes to DBD::ODBC

Yesterday I was contacted by someone at Ingres with a patch to make DBD::ODBC support the ingresCLI driver manager. I'm always happy to accept these patches and with a moderate rewrite (necessitated by the fact I'd hacked Makefile.PL around a lot recently for 64bit support without checking it in) I managed to rewrite the patch. The changes are checked in to subversion now and are reported to work for Ingres. Unicode support is not there yet but I believe they are working on it.

Detecting 64bit ODBC driver managers in DBD::ODBC install

I've been working on 1.22 doesn't compile on 64 bit systems with unixODBC on and off for a few days. Boy, this is tiresome (no reflection on the poster of this rt).

DBD::ODBC ping has regressed :-(

Today a long standing Easysoft customer upgraded from DBD::ODBC 1.13 to 1.21 and their scripts stopped working properly :-( It appears they use the ping method to detect whether the connection handle is connected to the database and since upgrading to 1.21 they are getting DBD::ODBC::db ping failed: Cannot allocate statement when disconnected from the database at ./ line 11 when calling the ping method after a disconnect.

New attribute to DBIx::Log4perl to filter error reporting

At Easysoft we have been using DBIx::Log4perl for some time to log DBI database access methods in a way that was useful to us. In fact, that is why I wrote DBIx::Log4perl in the first place.

Inserting code into drupal content

I spend all day writing code so it is not unnatural that I blog about it too. I know drupal has code tags but they still end up changing < and > and most code is full of those. There seems to be loads of solutions but many of them have problems - use of code, pre and xmp tags (not all browsers do the same thing with xmp), substituting &#60; etc for < (too annoying, I wan to just paste my code in). Ginally I found the GeSHI filter and although it is not perfect it works better (by far) than any of the other solutions I've found.
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